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आत्मनिर्भर कृषि

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Atmanirbhar Krishi - Laxmi Institute of Technology
Atmanirbhar Krishi

In this technology-driven era, where technology is involving in every field, Farming is also evolving with various innovative ideas.

Parth Chawda, Raju Lohar, Himakshi Mali, Amrutaben Prajapati from Department of Computer Science & Engineering, LIT, Sarigam, and Mr. Sibaram Raut (Asst. Professor) have developed a user-friendly Farmer's Assistant for the farmers to solve their everyday problems. They presented their project "आत्मनिर्भर कृषि" to an IT industry named FriendzTech ( through Google Meet. FriendzTech provides full digital support to businesses with a website or mobile application, graphic design, logo design, and many more.

Farmer using an Assistant to gather information - Project at Laxmi Institute of Technology
Farmer using an Assistant to gather information

The main functionalities of the Farmer's Assistant are:

  • Answers every question of the farmer with informative data through the chatbox.

  • Provides different features to determine the conditions of surroundings.

  • Gives the most appropriate advice for the type of crop to cultivate, fertilizer to be used, and different soil information which is beneficial for farming.

  • Gives nutrients information about the crop.

  • Testing soil for farming.

  • Suggests the time period in which crops can be cut.

  • Alert for climatic conditions.

This Farmer's Assistant can help farmers tackle the problems which are faced during farming and make it very convenient to manage crops and cultivate.

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