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આપણી ફરિયાદ

In our daily life, we face many problems from the municipal side but no solution is provided. Simply take an example of Trash. There is no proper management of Trash. If we complain, no immediate action is taken. Not only for garbage, many problems are there like electricity, highway, etc. but no one takes proper action for it. Management is still using the pen-paper technique to manage complaints.

In 2014, the Swachh-Bharat mission is launched but there is an average outcome only. They launched an application for the mission. Using the app you can register your complaint but there are many obstacles. Obstacles related to governance, complaints ignorance, etc.

Parth Bhanushali, Hitesh Parmar, and Krita Patel from Department of Information Technology, LIT, Sarigam along with the guidance of Mr. Manthan J. Surti (Asst. Professor) have tried to solve this problem and they have made an android application called "આપણી ફરિયાદ (AAPANI FARIYAD)". They presented their project to an IT Industry named 3iwebexperts, Mehsana ( through Google Meet. 3iwebexperts is a pioneer in Web Designing, eCommerce, Digital Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization. The project has the ability to minimize customers' dissatisfaction about complain and it can encourage customers to participate in controlling the quality of the service provided.

The main functionalities of the application are:

  • Convenient, user friendly, and saves time of users.

  • Deliver complaints to authorities as well as address problems in a short period of time.

  • Help people to post complain by clicking a picture along with a description. Other people can review the post.

  • GPS is provided for address.

  • Tracking of complaints through Map

  • A confirmation code is provided to confirm that work has been done.

  • Share complaints on social media.

  • Rapidly solve complaints.

Glimpses of Presentation


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