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"Azadi Amrut Mahotsav – India@75"

On the auspicious occasion of the Launching of Azadi Amrut Mahotsav by our honourable Prime Minister, various activities held at different sectors and organizations all around India. As our country is going to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Independence on 15th August 2022, the government launched Azadi Amrut Mahotsav, 75 weeks prior, on 12th March 2021.

With the same motive and mission to spread awareness of the importance of Azadi of India and remembering the struggle and sacrifice of freedom fighters, an essay writing competition was organized through a virtual platform by Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam. With the theme of Adazi Amrut Mahotsav- India@75, a total of 15 students from Diploma and Degree engineering participated in the competition. Participants submitted their essays with various sub-topics as Azadi Amrut Mahotsav, India’s Struggle for Independence, and India@75. All the participants presented their views through essays using English, Hindi and Gujarati language. In their essays, they primarily emphasized on various topics like India, Struggle and sacrifice for independence, the importance of Azadi Amrut Mahotsav, why celebrating Azadi Mahotsav and Azadi Mahotsav is as sweet as Amrut.

Ideas reflected in essays truly show that today’s youth has not only the energy, enthusiasm and spirit of nationalism; but also the quality to build Atma-nirbhar Bharat along with gratitude for all freedom fighters who fought for India and its independence.

All the participants submitted their essays through a virtual platform. They were appreciated for their participation and their wonderful presentation of ideas on Azadi Amrut Mahotsav. Participants gladly reflected their feeling of gratefulness towards their mentors, HoDs, and Director Sir of the college for organizing a writing competition on such a wonderful theme and also for providing motivation and platform. Faculties and mentors appreciated the students for their active participation in such activity as a contribution to Azadi Amrut Mahotsav-India@75.

Effective words/lines mentioned by participants on Azadi Amrut Mahotsav – India@75

यह महोत्सव है आजादी के इतिहास का, नए संकल्पो के साथ का। आत्मनिर्भरता के आगाज का, भारत के विश्वगुरु बनने के एहसास का।

- Nikhil Agrawal (4th Sem Diploma Electrical)

यह पूरे देश के नागरिकों का उत्तरदायित्व है कि वो अपने देश के आन बान शान के लिए अपनी जान की परवाह ना करते हुए उसकी रक्षा करें।

- Satyam Dubey (1st Sem Diploma EE)

સ્વતંત્રતાનો અમૃત મહોત્સવ એટલે સ્વતંત્રતાની ઉર્જાનું અમૃત, એટલે કે સ્વતંત્રતા સેનાનીઓની પ્રેરણાનું અમૃત છે. સ્વતંત્રતાનો અમૃત મહોત્સવ એટલે નવા વિચારોનું, નવા ઠરાવોનું અમૃત, સ્વતંત્રતાનો અમૃત મહોત્સવ એટલે આત્મનિર્ભરતાનું અમૃત.

- Priyanka Singh (4th Sem CSE Degree)

આપણી આઝાદીને હલકામાં ના લેવી જોઈએ, શહીદોએ એને પ્રાપ્ત કરવા માટે પોતાના પ્રાણની આહુતિ આપી હતી.

- Dharmik Savliya (8th Sem CSE Degree)

No nation is perfect, it needs to be made perfect. Contribute towards the perfection of your country. It's time to pay respect to our nation. Let's think about prosperity and betterment of this nation.

- Sanchi Upadhyay (4th Sem CSE Degree)

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of freedom fighters. After all, they are the ones because of whom we celebrate Independence Day.

- Snehashree (4th Sem CSE Degree)

This is an effort to thank those people because of which we are breathing in independent India. It is time to remember that freedom should not be taken lightly. The martyrs sacrificed their lives to achieve it.

- Kartik Mistry (4th Sem IT Degree)

This soil has something unique, which, despite many obstacles, always remains the abode of great souls.

- Komal Babar (4th Sem IT Degree)

Independence is a word that runs like blood in the veins of every Indian. Freedom is the birthright of every human being. Tulsidas Ji has said "Sublime dreams are not Pleasant" that is there is no happiness even in dreams. Subordination is a curse for anyone.
Struggle is a never ending process. Freedom is never really won. You earn it and win it in every generation.

- Vruti Tandel (8th Sem CSE Degree)

I see India as a sleeping lion which is unaware of the power it possesses. Once this lion gets up, it'll be next to impossible that anyone can stop us. And, I believe, this is definitely going to happen in the near upcoming years.

- Yash Bhanushali (4th Sem Diploma Mechanical)

Even after 75 years of independence India is still labeled as a developing country. I think as a nation, we have miles to go. The question of whether or not India is a developed or developing country is not so simple. So understand the real India, we need to look at many other indicators such as health and education too.

- Harshal Survey (4th Sem Diploma Mechanical)


We appreciate the participation and efforts done by the students of engineering (Diploma/Degree).

Best wishes to all participants !!!

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