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Dahi Handi Ceremony


Dahi Handi is an important aspect of Janmashtami. As a child, Lord Krishna was called "Makhanchor" or the one who steals butter. He stole butter from every household in Gokul. Dahi Handi is an event where the same butter stealing activity of Lord Krishna is narrated. An earthen pot or Handi is filled with butter, clarified butter or ghee, dry fruits and milk and suspended at a considerable height with the help of ropes. All the local youths gather together to form a human pyramid and climb on top of each other to reach the Handi and smash it. This is an activity that teaches the principles of teamwork.

Today, the young stars of LIT organized the Dahi Handi ceremony in view of Janmashtami. The ceremony has started with the offering of auspicious arti to the deity of Lord Krishna and continued with the traditional garba of Gujarat and handi breaking. The joy and jubilation of the beaming faces brought back the memories of childhood for many. Following all COVID19 guidelines, the students and faculties enjoyed the celebration.

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