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Digital Electronics

Digital electronics is the foundation pillar of today’s world which is led by digitalization. Almost in all aspects of our living, digitalization is playing a very important role. We cannot imagine our lifestyle without the touch of digitalization. Everything, you think of or you lay your hands on, has been somewhere, somehow, up to some extent has been impacted by digitization. Digitalization is a very wide concept that could be broken down into smaller concepts like computerization, digital communication, smart gadgets, software, applications, satellites, internet, sensor networks, etc. If we have a micro look at all these things then at its base it digital electronics.

Digital electronics is a branch of electronics that helps to transform any analog concept into a digital form and realize it into a smart solution to it. Everything is transformed into a logical concept wherein smart solutions could be obtained using digital electronics.

Digital electronics totally rely on logic and mostly binary logic. The basic building blocks to realize binary logic into the physical form are logic gates. There exist seven types of logic gates that work on different binary logic. They are AND, OR, NOT, NAND, NOR, EX-OR, and EX-NOR gates. These logic gates can be categorized as basic gates (AND, OR, and NOT) and universal gates (NAND and NOR), and derived gates (EX-OR and EX-NOR). Simple logic gates are used to create very complex logic circuits and integrated chips.

Logic gates are logical switches with two or more inputs and one output. Logic gates are constructed using the concepts of semiconductor devices. Hence we can say that research in digital electronics has opened the gateway to digitalization which we are witnessing at present and will witness in years and years to come.

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