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Electric Vehicle - A sustainable future

An Electric vehicle uses motors and battery to power the vehicle instead of conventional fossil fuel and heat engine configuration. Unlike the fossil fuel vehicle, the Electric vehicle doesn’t pollute the environment. Nowadays people are considering air pollution as a major health-damaging factor, so people are becoming aware of it. During the Outbreak of Covid-19, it comes to the awareness that health is a major point for survival and future suitability. Reducing air pollution will be a major future prospect and many countries are imposing strict laws to curb air pollution, Electric vehicles are key to a pristine and sustainable future.

Electric vehicles promote energy independence from non-renewable energy sources. Major Vehicle Manufacturers like GM, TATA, HONDA, and Toyota are diverting their focus to electric vehicles rather than conventional fossil fuel cars. The running cost of a normal petrol vehicle is approximately 4 Rs. Per km, whereas the running cost of an electric vehicle is 1.5 Rs. Per km as it concludes cost-effectiveness. People argue about the higher initial cost of Electric vehicles but in the long run, it's way cheaper than conventional fossil fuel vehicles. Domestic refueling is a crucial benefiting point for electric vehicles, as you can charge the Electric vehicle from home PowerPoint seems more comfortable than going to the fuel station and standing in line.

The aim of Sustainable development is to meet the needs of today’s world, without compromising the needs of future generations. In Simple words, there should be no advert effect of recent development to future generations. Coming to the Electric vehicle scenario, we have to use power sources that have to be renewable and non-polluting for sustainable development. For this need, electricity should be derived from renewable power sources like wind energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy. Solar and wind energy power grid systems are already in use, so it’s easy to rely on this energy distribution system.

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