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Farewell Party 2022

It is often said that the best time in a person's life is the time he/she spends in college. This is undoubtedly a golden era where they collect nostalgic memories for the rest of their lives. And these beautiful moments come to an end when the course is finished and the juniors give the farewell party. On April 19, the students of the graduating class of 2022 celebrated their farewell party.

The event was graced by the presence of Honourable Trustee, Shri. Chunibhai Gajera and the heads of the various institutions of the Laxmi Vidyapeeth Campus. Following the traditional ceremony of lighting lamps, the honouring ceremony took place. The day was opened with the energetic words of the trustee, when he told about his life in difficult times, how his career began, what dedication young people need and how to move forward on the road to success; and he added how the dream of establishing Smt. Shantaben Haribhai Gajera Charitable Trust came true.

The farewell party began with the presentation of awards to students who had achieved top rankings in their academic subjects and demonstrated exceptional performance at both the college and university levels. In addition, the Student of the Year 2022 was announced by the dignitaries and awarded a trophy.

Following the award ceremony, various performances were put up by the junior students, making the day even more energetic and heart-wrenching. The event continued after lunch with a DJ program and ended with a heavy send-off for the senior students. It is indeed a fun time for all, but at the end of the event it is always sad to realize how the years have passed and forced us to leave the memories behind!

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