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Find Your Lawyer

Many law firms work, but let’s talk about India, where many lawyers currently have jobs or work under someone else or without jobs. If a person had to look for a lawyer, he would not know where to go until he has some contact with higher authorities or someone who knows a lawyer in a friend circle or family. So, to make this more convenient, Sanjay Prajapati, Ratan Chaurasiya, Chetan Borse, and Dhiraj Prajapati under the guidance of Ms. Kavita Joshi (Asst. Professor) have developed a web application called "Find Your Lawyer" which eliminates these issues.

The people can reach out to the lawyer by booking an appointment with the lawyer and after their successful meeting, it depends on whether to go with it or not. This application helps the client to get lawyers and lawyers to get clients. People can get themselves a lawyer. Now, those who have no connection in this field can easily find a lawyer without any confusion and can save their time and money. There are all kinds of lawyers on this platform having different law practices. One can search for a lawyer and then book an appointment with a lawyer. It also has a complaint feature that helps to identify the fake ID. Lawyers can easily maintain records. It also has a chat feature. This system can save you time and money. Both clients or lawyers may reconsider the appointment. The client can review the lawyer. Thus, Find Your Lawyer will be helpful to many people.

"Find Your Lawyer" project group presented their project to an IT industry named Campus Pro CRM through Google Meet.

Glimpses of Presentation


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