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HACKATHON 2021 - Beat the Pandemic

Our nation is struggling with the second wave of COVID-19. In this situation the most important sector is healthcare. To win the battle against this virus, we need better healthcare services that are easily available to the people. Our doctors and medical staffs are doing their best but being in the society it is our prime duty to serve society and giving our little bit contribution to our nation.

Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam thought of helping the society by using technological means. In the current scenario, the major relief to the citizens could be the information of all COVID related inventories like hospitals, medicines, availability of the beds, ICU’s, ventilator’s and other related resources. This all information if brought under a common platform can be the best relief to the common man nowadays.

Being a technical Institute, Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam hosted a mega online event "Hackathon 2021 - Beat the Pandemic" with the theme of COVID-19. The event was open for 80 hours, where students gave technical solutions in the form of Android Application to the problem faced by the people during this pandemic. Total 6 teams with 34 students participated in this event. Though the geographical service area for this app is limited to South Gujarat region only, but the teams from Ahmadabad (Amiraj College of Engineering & Technology) also participated in this.

HACKATHON 2021 was declared open by Dr. Basavaraj V. Patil, Director, LIT, Sarigam on 29th April 2021 at 9.00 am. He motivated the participants and urged them to utilize their skills to serve the society by developing an mobile app. He focused on the basic required features development which a common man can use in his/her smartphone. After working 80 long hours they submitted their application to the panel. On 2nd May, 2021 at 5.00pm, the event was said closed by Prof. Pinal M. Hansora, Head of Computer Science & Engineering Department, LIT, Sarigam. Thereafter, all the teams submitted their work and presented before the experts.

Team Details


Survivors: Hariakar Sushil, Patel Bhavik, Patel Neel, Patel Saloni

Idea: Registration of patients, storing their details as well as doctor’s details into the system, upload tests result. Search facility to know the current medical status of patients.


Static Hack: Shivam Singh, Miteshkumar Srivastav, Arti Patel, Asna Saiyed, Vaibhav Rathod, Dev Doshi

Idea: Public healthcare location for COVID 19. Give location of hospitals and doctors to the patient how really want treatment and oxygen by industry.


GRAVITY: Savliya Dharmik, Fredric Rebeiro, Dhyey Bhandari, Aaditya Solanki

Idea: Fill the gap between the availability of the vaccines and the problem that government is facing in distributing them.


Phoenix Warrior: Aditya Patel, Ritu Malviya, Harsh Singh, Moksha Patel, Smit Vohra, Suhani Thummar, Manish Rajpurohit

Idea: Provide real and true information to users for awareness of Covid-19. Features: motivational quotes, hospital information in the city, medical services .


HexClan: Arvind Singh, Lavleen Agrawal, Yash Richarria, Aayush Tripathi, Arihant Jain, Aniket Kakadiya, Ankit Patel

Idea: Helping the quarantined persons. Contact the nearby volunteer, need list using raise need so that the volunteer who is available can contact directly to the person.


HUSTLER: Nirali Dodiya, Jaydev Pitroda, Rutva Makwana, Kalp Patel, Ronak Gajjar, Priyanshi Patel

Idea: Focuses on the bed availability in near areas, ventilators, and few modules on COVID information and awareness, testing and vaccination.


Two teams named “HexClan” and “Phoenix Warrior” came out with a better mobile application which we will utilize for serving the society in this difficult COVID crisis. Overall the event came up with an android based mobile application which will help the COVID patients and their relatives to search various COVID related inquiries like availability of the beds, ICUs, ventilators and many more.

Some Screenshots of the Applications and Ideas


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