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HIRED - Get Paid for Your Skills

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Mostly all the online job recruitment application/website offers company-based recruitments only. All the works are paid or maybe non-paid (internship). None of them provide informal recruitment such as event management, stage shows, exhibition, etc. This kind of recruiter needs candidates for some limited span only unless the work (or event) is done.

There may be a situation where there is a need for candidates during festival seasons in malls, or for a particular project in a company, many events which often take place such as marriages, concerts, grand parties, etc. Most candidates are unaware of such recruitments (informal) which are taking place around their area. So for this, a platform is needed where such kinds of recruiters and candidates can meet up to complete certain kinds of work.

For this, Bhavik Rana, Monika Vaishnav, Mitul Patel, and Hitanshi Tandel from Department of Information Technology, Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam, under the guidance of Ms. Kavita Joshi (Asst. Professor) have developed a platform named “HIRED – get paid for your skills”.

How HIRED works?
  • Candidates can apply in a group where there is a need for more than one candidate in the same work.

  • Candidate profile reviews/ratings can help during recruitment regarding his past work.

  • Candidates can develop their skills by doing such work and can do different types of work.

  • It is a short period job so they don’t have to compromise with their studies if they are a student. They will also get paid for their work.

  • Candidates can manage their time easily and can increase their experience in various fields.

The project group of "HIRED - Get Paid for Your Skills" delivered their project presentation to an IT company named 3iwebexperts, Mehsana ( through Google Meet.

Glimpses of Presentation


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