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Updated: May 12, 2021

If you have an apple and I have an apple and if we exchange them then we still have one apple each. If you have an idea and I have an idea and if we exchange them, then both of will have two ideas each.

Everything begins with an idea. Whether it is a small startup or a big venture. An idea implemented in a proper direction brings out the best outcome. Young minds are full of ideas , they just need proper guidance and motivation.

We, at Laxmi Institute of Technology, are full of ingenious technical youth. To motivate the students and to cultivate their mind, Laxmi Institute of Technology, Sarigam organized "Idea Festival 2021" - a 5 day virtual event showcasing the innovative ideas of the students. This festival was organized from 3rd May to 7th May 2021.

The Idea Festival is carried out in 2 categories:

  • Ideas and Concepts with Implementation

  • Creative and Innovative Ideas

Ideas and Concepts with Implementation includes fully implemented projects. The students who not only gave the solutions but also implemented them in real time falls in this category. Including degree and diploma ‘engineering , this category received 88 working projects done by 345 students. Some of the projects were having really good ideas that are needed by the society in the current situation. The presentations of teams lasted for 3 days in 2 simultaneous tracks in forenoon and afternoon sessions. It was a dilemma for the evaluation panel to choose the best 3 projects. After a lot of struggle they came up with the winners.

Various winning projects from different departments are as follows:

  • Hired - get paid for your skills from Information Technology Department

  • To analyse the performance of VCR system with the help of nanoparticles from Mechanical Department

  • Virodrone - A Flying Virus Fighter from Electrical Department

  • Recovery of Engine waste heat for reutilization in air conditioning system in automobile from Automobile Department

  • LIFI - Data Transfer from Computer Science Department

  • Seismic Analysis of R.C.C. framed building under different soil conditions and different zones from the Civil Department

Diploma students are also given the best of them and winning projects are as follows:

  • Automatic Black/White Board Cleaner from Diploma Mechanical Department,

  • LTHM Turbine from Diploma Electrical Department

  • study on strength of concrete incorporated with facemask material from Diploma Civil Department

These projects came up with extraordinary concepts and students implemented them very successfully.

Creative and Innovative Ideas contain the technical solution of the real life problems faced by the people of society. Students keenly observed their concerned domains, found the problems in it and came up with an innovative solution in the form of a prototype. Total 88 teams with approximately 330 students from 6 different engineering disciplines participated in it. The presentation was held in forenoon and afternoon sessions in two simultaneous tracks for 2 days. Panels of expertise observed and evaluated every aspect of each idea based on certain criteria. After evaluation, 3 winners in each department were decided. They will be provided with the winners certificates. Also at college level regardless of department, 3 best ideas were awarded.

The winners of Idea fest in Creative and Innovative Ideas domain of various discipline are as follows:

  • Floor Cleaner from Mechanical Department

  • Variable Inclination Tyre from Automobile Department

  • Paper Concrete from Civil Department

  • E-Bike Charging from Electrical Department

  • CoviScan from Computer Science Department

  • Hospital Service Providers System from Information Technology Department

Ultimately this virtual event came up with great ideas whether it is still emerging phase or totally completed. This gives a boost to the students to think differently and enforce that idea into the working project.

The credit goes to the entire team working behind it and most importantly the students for coming up with brilliant ideas and implementing it.

Glimpses of Idea Festival - 2021


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