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Indian Coast Guard Day


Indian Coast Guard Day is celebrated every year on February 1. Coast Guard Day is celebrated in honour of organisations from all countries that take care of maritime security and also the needs of a country. This year, India celebrates the 46th India Coast Guard Day. The post of a coast guard is responsible for volunteer work, search and rescue operations, and guarding the borders of our country.


On August 18, 1978, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) tag was confirmed by the Indian Parliament. The interim Indian Coast Guard was established on February 1, 1977, to prevent the smuggling of goods by sea, which was hampering India's domestic economy.

Significance of ICG:

The Indian Coast Guard is headed by the Director General, who is based at headquarters in New Delhi. The current director general is "Virender Singh Pathania." The work of the Indian Coast Guard varies in many areas. This organisation works for several missions. It is a collaboration between the Indian Navy, Customs and Police. The guard is assigned to different regions. The northwest region is located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, the east region in Chennai, and the northeast region in Kolkata and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Currently, Indian Coast Guard has 156 ships and 62 aircraft.

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