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Indian Navy Day

​Indian Navy Day is observed every year on December 4 to recognise the role and achievements of Indian naval forces. The day is also observed to commemorate the launch of Operation Trident against Pakistan during the Indo-Pakistani War in 1971.

The Indian Navy is a three-dimensional force that operates above, on and below the surface of the sea to protect the interests of our country. Its main concern is to improve the situation in the Indian Ocean zone. On this day, various events are held with a different theme every year.


Do you know, "When was the Indian Navy established?" It was established in the year 1612 by the East India Company. During the 1971 India-Pakistan War, Pakistan attacked Indian air bases on December 3. In response to the offensive attacks, the Indian Navy planned an attack on the night of Dec. 4-5 because Pakistan didn't have the aircraft to conduct bombing raids.

As part of Operation Trident, the Indian Navy targeted the Pakistani naval headquarters in Karachi. It sent three missile boats, INS Veer, INS Nipat and INS Nirghat, and Vidyut-class boats toward Karachi and sank three Pakistan Navy ships, including PNS Khaibar. Hundreds of Pakistan Navy personnel were killed in the attack. Commodore Kasargod Pattanashetti Gopal Rao led the entire Indian Navy operation. To celebrate the success of the Indian Navy, Indian Navy Day is celebrated throughout the country. People wish each other well on Indian Navy Day to pay tribute to the Navy and create awareness of the hardships the personnel faced during the war.


At the Senior Naval Officers' Conference in May 1972, it was decided to observe Indian Navy Day on December 4 to commemorate the efforts and achievements of the Indian Navy during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Indian Navy Day 2022 will be celebrated to commemorate the victory of Operation Trident in Karachi by the missile boats of the Indian Navy. On this day, the public will have the opportunity to view the Indian Navy's warships and aircraft at the Navy Festival. The military photo exhibition will also be organised by Ernakulum journalists during the festival.

Theme 2022

Each year, a different theme is proposed to celebrate Indian Navy Day. The theme for Indian Navy Day 2022 is 'Swarnim Vijay Varsh', to mark the 50th anniversary of India's victory in the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War. Last year, the theme was "Indian Navy Combat Ready, Credible & Cohesive".

Some facts : INS Vikrant

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INS Vikrant is an aircraft carrier constructed by the Cochin Shipyard Limited (CSL) at Kerala for the Indian Navy. It is the first aircraft carrier to be built in India. It is named Vikrant as a tribute to India's first aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant (1961). The name Vikrant means "courageous" in Sanskrit. The motto of the ship, "जयेम सं युधिस्पृधः", means "I defeat those who fight against me".

Watch more information on the ship here

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