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Multimedia Studio for Professional Quality E-Lectures.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the education system worldwide, which led to the total closure of schools, universities, and colleges. The impact is so huge that around 825 million students are affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has put teachers and professors to new challenges. In order to reach out to students, keep them in touch with study and maintain their progress E-Learning systems have been developed. Statistical data show that E-Learning System helps students to understand concepts more deeply and easily than that of the traditional method.

During the lock down from April 2020, educators of LIT have prepared large number of E-Lectures that have been uploaded to YouTube channels. Even though these videos were prepared by them at their residence with no additional infrastructure they were of good quality. However there was a need of a studio to produce professional quality videos.

To enhance the quality of recording and bring professionalism in the E-Lectures our Hon’ble trustee Miss Kinjal Chunihai Gajera decided to set up a Multimedia studio at many campuses of Gajera Trust.

In the studio, with the help of the professional quality mic, high resolution camera, green screen, optimized lighting system, sophisticated tablet, personal computer latest configuration and Glass-Board, the educators can produce best quality E-lectures. The lectures can also be broadcaster live that that will give great flexibility to the educators and learners.

Some glimpses of the studio setup

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