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Navratri 2021

07 Oct 2021 | By Prof. Deepali Barode

Navratri, when translated into English, means nine nights.

Night is a time for relaxation and rejuvenation of body and mind. If we do not rest at night, it will be difficult to continue our activities the next day, will it not? Similarly, Navratri is the resting time for the mind within you. It is the time when you withdraw from all sensual activities (eating, talking, looking, touching, hearing, smelling) and rests within yourself. This withdrawal from all sensual activities takes you deeper into your inner self, which is the very source of bliss, joy, and excitement in your life. According to Hindu legends, Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva combined their powers to create Goddess Durga and defeat the demon king Mahishasura after he attacked Trilok - Earth, Heaven, and Hell.

No one could defeat Mahishasura, for Lord Brahma granted him the wish that he could be defeated only by a woman. After a battle that lasted 15 days, Goddess Durga killed him with her trishul on the day of Mahalaya. It is believed that worshipping these nine incarnations of Goddess Durga during Navratri brings prosperity, health, and wisdom to the devotees in their lives.

At Laxmi Institute of Technology, we celebrated Navratri with full devotion and spirit on October 7, 21. Faculty members and students gathered and performed the Aarti rituals. Afterward, the students and faculty members participated in a Garba program which was enjoyed by all.

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