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PatientDeck - An address for Health and Care

The major drawback of the conventional medical system is that patient has to physically visit the doctor for assistance. This becomes an issue when the doctor is far away from the patient’s reach because it takes much effort to visit a doctor. If there is a medical emergency, the patient has to wait.

Therefore, to save all the unnecessary efforts Anjali Mishra, Shivani Patel, Abhishek Yadav, and Pratik Khachne from the Department of Information Technology, LIT, Sarigam along with the guidance of Ms. Pooja Bharti (Asst. Professor) have developed a web application named "PatientDeck" which bridges the gap between doctor and patient and also help patients to reach out to the required doctor and get proper consultations with the help of chat and video call. If there is a medical emergency, where a patient has to wait, then that specific patient's problem can be solved through this platform. They presented their project to an IT Industry named Universal Infosys, Bilimora ( through Google Meet.

Patient Talking to Doctor Online
Sick Patient talking to her Doctor online

Main Functionalities of PatientDeck
  • Patients can start an instant consultation within seconds or start a video consultation at the scheduled time.

  • Shield privacy means all the data related to the consultations are fully private and safe.

  • The patient gets notification of their prescribed medicine from time to time.

  • The patient gets a valid digital prescription.

  • Labs can upload the reports of patients so that patients and doctors both can access them from anywhere.

  • If a patient needs to go through more treatments, then he/she can also get an offline appointment to visit that specific doctor.

  • Measures the heartbeat and temperature of the patient while the patient interacts with the doctor using an IoT-based device.

Video of Presentation


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