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Rent a Room - Find the Shelter of Your Dreams

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Considering today's competition, Job Seekers are migrating from one place to another place. As a result, they are getting difficulties finding a room and the owner gets difficulties finding a rent person.

As a solution Yuvaraj Singh, Divaynshu Gupta, Pankaj Rai, and Nitesh Sharma from Department of Computer Science & Engineering, LIT, Sarigam along with the guidance of Ms. Farhin Mansur (Asst. Professor) have developed a web application for common people who migrate from one state to another state in search of job or any other purpose. They presented their "Rent a Room" project to a software company named Friendz Tech ( through Google Meet.

The main role of this web application is to connect the common needy people to the owner of the house and in this web application, there is more information about the facilities around the room like a nearby hospital, shops, schools. This web application provides information about the job around the cities nearby. The project is a platform through which the owner gets the right rent person and migrant people find room according to their requirements.

Glimpses of Presentation


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