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SAHAYAK - Simplicity of Life

Nowadays many families are dealing with the problem of fast and energy-saving delivery of groceries. Also, they can't purchase products from different sellers of their choice in a single buy.

Venci Patel and Nehal Patel from Department of Information Technology, LIT, Sarigam along with the guidance of Mr. Viral Prajapati (HOD & Asst. Professor) have tried to address this problem and they have made an application called "SAHAYAK-Simplicity of life". They presented their project to an IT Industry named Campus Pro CRM ( through Google Meet. Contact Pro CRM integrates all communication technology into one simple to use sales conversion platform. The project is providing solutions based on Vocal for Local and Errand Methods.

An errand is a short trip that you make in order to do a job for you and someone, for example when you go to a shop to buy something for you as well as for someone.

Main functionalities of the application are:

  • Providing solutions based on vocal for local and errand methods.

  • Trying to connect local vendors and buyers on a single platform.

  • Errand method for any normal person who wants to deliver their nearest one’s ordered products.

  • Users can earn credit points for purchasing for others and delivering an order at their doorstep which can be used for future shopping.

  • Customer has a choice to select various products from their selected vendors and pay for them together, the system will request those items to the respective sellers and collect and deliver them all together.

  • Easy process to buy groceries.

  • Don’t need to pay extra or pay differently at all places.

Glimpses of Presentation


Holding Hands to help each other.

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