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Science of Electricity

Exploring Electricity

Let’s know all the basics about electricity. We depend on electricity in our daily lives as Electricity has made our lives easier and more comfortable. Many appliances in our home, School and colleges use electricity. For example: TVs, Computers, and Mobile etc. We cannot imagine life without electricity.

Let’s know about the sources of Electricity. Some electrical instruments use dry cells to make them work. Dry cells produce electricity. They are used in vehicles like motorcycles, and Cars. Major three sources of producing energy means electricity generation are 1 .fossil fuels – Coal, Natural Gas and Petroleum, 2. Nuclear Energy and 3. Renewable energy sources. Another 6 basic sources of electricity are friction, chemical action, heat, light, magnetism and pressure.

How you should be thinking about Electric Circuits:

1. Voltage: A force that pushes current through the circuit

2. Resistance: Friction that resists flow of current through the circuit.

3. Current: The actual thing that is flowing through the wires of the circuit – Electrons!

Electricity is the result of the existence and flow of electric charge. Now to understand how electric charge moves from one atom to another, we need to know about atoms:

Atoms are everywhere, infect everything in the universe and are made of atoms.

Atoms are so small that millions of them would fit on the head of a pin.

Atoms are made from Proton, Electron and Neutron

Protons: They carry +ve charge

Electrons: They carry –ve charge and surround the nucleus.

Neutrons: They carry no charge.



Lomeshkumar Mahajan

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