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The Resident Peafowl Party of LVS

The LVS Campus:

LVS campus is rich in varied flora and fauna. While it is a special feast to eyes during August to October, one can enjoy the beauty of nature throughout the year. It is not uncanny to see peacocks crossing the road when you are approaching the campus.

We see the peafowl party in the morning munching grains between 6:00 and 7:00 am at staff quarters and walking royally towards the Laxmi Dongar. They hide themselves in the forest during the busy hours. In the evening, we see them returning back and resting on mango trees and large bushes of the campus.

About Peafowl:

The terms peacock, peahen and peachick are confusing when people use them interchangeably. Each term applies to a species of birds in the Phasianidae family. "Peafowl" is the general name for this family of birds. A peacock is a male peafowl. A peahen is a female peafowl. The young of a peacock and a peahen are called peachicks.

The male peafowl, the peacock, is best known for his head crest and amazing tail called a train. The train with its ocelli, or eyes, comes into its full splendor when the peacock is about 2 years old. Peahens, female peafowl, are mostly brown with a white belly, a green neck and the same type of head crest.

Peafowl, which are omnivorous, begin their day by foraging for food. A meal may consist of berries, leaves, seeds, insects and even small mammals and reptiles. As part of a universal routine, peafowl subsequently drink water, preen their feathers and settle down in shaded areas to rest. In the cooler afternoon hours, they eat and drink again before retreating to tree tops, where they spend the night in groups.

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