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An innovative way to handle the COVID pandemic situation !

COVID... COVID... COVID...everywhere... has deep-rooted in the minds of even the common man about the severity and the deadly nature of the viral disease. Needless to mention about the severity of the COVID19 pandemic and the resultant consequences on the human race it has had in the last year. A great threat to human life and longevity that the world is worried about. The set back to the normal routine and human activities and the entire world paid by way of loss in socio-economic situations as a price so far. It needs an all-round fight from all sources tapped from the expertise of the societal contributors and needless is the importance of the emerging scientists and Engineers. There has been a sizeable contribution to the fight of the pandemic by providing low-cost mobile ventilators, Robots being used for the delivery of the essentials and the medicines for the quarantined patients, special stethoscopes for examinations of the affected patients by maintaining the social distancing, keeping the safety and security of life of the medical, paramedical and field staff.

We Ravish Sharma, Gaurav Singh, Aniket Singh, and Azharuddin Munshi from Dept. of Electrical Engineering, LIT, Sarigam along with the guidance of Dr. R. Anjana (Asst. Prof/EE) have tried our best to contribute and to alleviate the hindrances which are commonly faced in the handling of the situation. Drone Technology is nothing new in the fields of unmanned flying objects. It is extensively used in Military Recognizances, Defensive and offensive operations. In civil operations, the Police Forces use this Drone for Riot Control, Traffic control, and taking into books those are violators of the traffic rules. The unmanned aerial systems are the flying objects laden with the necessary equipment that can suffice the needed mission. They are Radar controlled and remotely operated with accuracy and perfectness. The common drone what the common people must have noticed in their routine life is the one used to photograph the events, sports, a vigil watch out for purposes for the intelligent needs, etc. The VIRODRONE as it is named by is designed for effective usage in the field of COVID Fight annexing the other already existing tech-savvy devices.

Our Drone addresses the need as thus:

  • It does Crowd Screening.

  • Crowd Control

  • Sanitization of Crowded areas.

  • Screening such of the assembly of persons more than 5 in numbers.

  • In case of such exceeds, it sends signals to the control centers to effectively disperse the crowds.

  • Temperature measurements of the crowd.

The innovative process is just a start and is endless. Add-on facilities can be equipped in accordance with the needs, time, and situation.

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