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Web-based Multiscreen Centralized Digital Signage

Walk into any store, hotel, airport, school, movie theatre, health club you name it and you will likely encounter a digital display that is advertising a product, promoting a brand, providing you directions, or even inviting the world of Digital Signage a major new communication medium for reaching people wherever they are like shopping, traveling, going to school and more. With the right screens at the right places showing the right content, digital signs enhance the in-store experiences.

What is Digital Signage?
  • A screen that is connected by a network.

  • It uses standard web technologies to display the content on screen.

Why it can be used?
  • To deliver informative and entertaining content to an audience

  • It provides a way to showcase hot new inventory, promote closeouts and give shoppers the new ideas that drive the sales.

Where it can be used?
  • Stores

  • Malls

  • Airports

  • Schools

  • Health Clubs

  • Banks

Rajvi Patel, Vruti Patel, Jheel Bhavsar, and Khyati Patel from Department of Computer Science & Engineering, LIT, Sarigam along with the guidance of Mrs. Vrunda Patel (Asst. Professor) have designed web-based multiscreen Digital Signage (DS) system to show a screen that is connected by a network. In this, it uses standard web technologies to display the content. They delivered their project presentation to an Industry named Digital Automation Enterprises ( through Google Meet.

Glimpses of Presentation


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