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Why the climate is changing?

When there is a significant and important change in the statistical distribution of various parameters showing the conditions of climate such as temperature, rainfall, moisture wind velocity it is called a climate change. When there is a change in the normal distribution pattern of any of the parameters of weather, climate change has been taken place. An important reason for climate change is Global warming.

Before the industrial revolution, human activities were limited to agriculture and forestry. Emissions of gases to the atmosphere by human activities were also limited and had no adverse impact on the environment. But afterward; the set up of factories of steel, chemicals, foundry, and high capacity power plants resulted in the emission of greenhouse gases like CO2, Methane, water vapor, etc. Because of the presence of all these gases in the air and sunlight entering the earth’s atmosphere; some of the heat gets trapped. With this, the planet gets warmer. It is called the “Greenhouse Effect".

Look at this graph shows that the levels of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere in the last hundreds of years.

According to environmental scientists, if greenhouse gases and other pollutants are released to atmosphere at this uncontrollable rate by industries and power plants there will 2.3° to 4.8°C rise in average atmospheric temperature for every double quantity rise in carbon dioxide emissions in India.

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