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Workshop on Internet of Things (IoT)


The IoT is a current emerging technology which earns the massive attraction from gadget geeks. It is going to make every domestic routine even more easier and fully autonomous by employing sensors and effective controls so that we can control the water pump to electric car charging, baking cakes to turning on the geyser by our fingertips ; Looks like the “abracadabra” isn’t it?

Especially, during this pandemic situation, the IoT will surely take a tremendous role when touching the surfaces must be avoided and where automated switching is required. To create awareness on implementation of IoT, We have organized many webinar series in the past. Further continuing the trip, today (15.04.2021), Laxmi Institute of Technology, sarigam conducted a online Workshop on Internet Of Things.

Any device with an on-off switch that connects to the internet can be called as IoT device.

The main focus of this workshop is to provide sufficient knowledge to the participants about how the IoT approach deployed practically and what are the challenges in accessing the data. The IoT works based on sensing and collecting the data of a particular task and storing it for future prediction. So it requires sensors, controller and data storage (usually cloud storage) provision in every IoT based approach.

Uploading the data from various devices into cloud storage

During the session, Prof. Vrunda Patel (Asst. Prof / CSE) & Prof. Priyanka Patel (Asst. Prof / ECE) have explained the architecture of IoT, What are the various sensors used in IoT applications and how to develop the working model using Arduino, Node MCU and Raspberry Pi. Further few of the real world applications such as smart home, smart agriculture, smart dustbin and smart Medicare are demonstrated at the end of the session.

Glimpses of workshop and questionnaire session


A Forecast estimation says that by 2030 around 50 billion of IoT devices will be in use around the world !!


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