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World Radio Day :Celebrating the Power of Radio

Radio has been a source of information, entertainment, and convenience for people around the world for nearly a century. It is one of the most widespread and accessible media, and its importance has increased in the digital age. Each year on February 13, the world celebrates World Radio Day, an event that honors the role of radio in society and the opportunities it offers for creativity, expression, and communication. Radio is an effective platform for celebrating humanity in all its diversity and a forum for democratic debate. Radio is the most widely used tool on a global scale. Its unique ability to reach the widest possible audience ensures that radio can influence society's perceptions of diversity and serve as a forum where all voices can speak, reflect, and be heard.

When Radio Day is declared as International Day?

The proposal was submitted by the Spanish Radio Academy to the UNESCO Board Member on the declaration of World Radio Day on 20th September 2010. In November 2011, the request was adopted by all UNESCO Member States. On 13 February 1946, United Nations Radio was launched to broadcast daily-news and stories about the work of the United Nations and its associated countries. To mark the anniversary of the founding of the United Nations Radio, the 13th of February was chosen as the date for the observation of World Radio Day.

World Radio Day 2023 Theme

This year the theme of the World Radio Day 2023 is “Radio and Peace”. The 12th World Radio Day will be held on February 13, 2023, with the theme “Radio and Peace”. In contrast to peace, war denotes a military struggle between nations or between groups inside a single nation, but it can also refer to a battle between competing media narratives. In a particular setting, the narrative might exacerbate tensions or uphold peaceful conditions; for example, it can comment on the shaky or orderly conduct of elections, the exclusion or integration of returnees, the escalation or cooling of nationalistic fervor, etc.


Radio stations create public opinion and frame a narrative that can have an impact on domestic and global conditions and decision-making processes through informing and reporting to the general public. Radio has a significant role and is crucial to maintaining and establishing peace. Bringing up pressing concerns, highlighting topics that demand attention from the government and the public, and making them salient are all part of its agenda-setting function and provision of important services.

In conclusion, World Radio Day is an opportunity to celebrate the power of radio and its ability to bring people together. It is a reminder of the important role radio plays in our lives and the impact it has on communities all over the world. As technology continues to evolve, we can only expect radio to reach new heights and continue to offer new and exciting opportunities to its listeners. So let us celebrate World Radio Day and all that radio has to offer!

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